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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

December 03, 2020

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

We've curated an excellent selection of giftable items for this exceptional holiday season. Included are some of our favourites - from tie pins to cufflinks to winterwear - as well as some beautiful new shirts we're releasing just in time for your preferred winter holiday. (Hanukkah starts on December 10th this year, but the twelve days of Christmas and Kwanzaa start later in the month.) Some of these items are available to order only until December 11th - so don't sleep on 'em.

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Keyring Moments + Waist Accessories

Grey charcoal wool suspenders, brass carabiner keychain, leather and brass keychain

Inspired by Alison Bechdel's classic keyring moment, immortalized in her graphic novel Fun Home and the Tony-winning musical of the same name, we've chosen a selection of accessories that allow the ones you love to participate in "one of the most enduring sartorial symbols" of queer culture. On offer is a brass-and-leather keyring with a belt or wallet clip, or a simpler 100% brass carabiner with keyrings. Create your own keyring moment. We've also brought in charcoal grey suspenders for those of you who love to tuck your shirt and eschew belts.
[Shop: Leather Keychain with Clip | Brass Keyring Carabiner | Charcoal Grey Suspenders]


Blue speckled wool tie, black rose tie, two-way bowtie, QAF tie, QAF bowtie

We know our dapper customers love ties of all types to dress up a button-down. Our selection for the 2020 queer gift guide features some classics: a gorgeous floral 100% cotton tie; a 100% wool tie in light blue; our fancy red jacquard collab tie with Queer as Funk (available in necktie and bowtie); and a two-sided paisley and stripe bowtie in reds and blues that looks like it's not pre-tied (but it is).
[Shop: Black Rose Tie | Blue Wool Speckled Tie | QAF Necktie | QAF Bowtie | Two-Way Bowtie]


Long sleeves: Holt, Vittorio, Harrods; Short sleeves: Corso Como, Isetan, Eslite

We've named this series of shirts after some of the world's most iconic department stores, where you don't have to shop this year. Introducing Harrods, a white cotton poplin collarless with light grey stripes; Isetan, a mid-weight printed cotton short sleeve in dark teal; Eslite, a gorgeous cream-and-black short sleeve print; Holt, a grey and black ultra soft flannel; Vittorio, a long-sleeve polka dot chambray; and Corso Como, a mid-weight navy blue short sleeve with polka dots.
[Shop: Harrods | Isetan | Eslite | Holt | Vittorio | Corso Como]


PDL toques in yellow and grey; two-tone honeycomb knitted Mongolian wool scarf; grey marled fingerless gloves with leather palm

With all those walks we're all going on right now, there's naught to do but look great in your winterwear. Just for you, we have a honeycomb-knitted navy and warm brown two-tone scarf that'll look excellent with a peacoat or walking jacket; fingerless knitted gloves with a leather palm and flip-over mitten; and a selection of knitted PDL toques (or beanies if you're not Canadian).
[Shop: Two-Tone Scarf | Knitted Fingerless Gloves | PDL Toques]

Pocket Squares and Pins

Blue mixed pattern pocket square; speckled linen pocket square; bicycle cufflinks; PDL mini pin; QAF tie pin; QAF lapel pin

One of our favourite things to do to a button-down is to add some special touches - whether those be pocket squares, cufflinks, or lapel jewelry. While none of our shirts have French cuffs, we're highlighting these very cute powdercoated black metal bicycles that look equally stunning decorating a button-down collar. We've also got our classic wolf-in-sheep's-clothing pins and our brass animal lapel pins, and our Queer as Funk collab pins.
[Shop: Bicycle Buttonholes | PDL Mini Pins | Brass Animal Lapel Pins | QAF Tie Pin | QAF Lapel Pin ]

And don't forget the pocket squares: we have a simple colour-speckled white linen, or a four-design style in shades of blue that'll particularly complement a PDL-heavy wardrobe.
[Shop: Speckled Linen Pocket Square | Mixed Blue Pattern Pocket Square

Socks and Jackets

Barneys walking jacket, Bergdorf walking jacket, Joyeaux socks

We've got festive holiday socks! The Joyeaux crew is a mid-rise black combed cotton woven sock with bright holiday baubles, for shoe sizes 5-9. Plus, our PDL walking jackets are a perfect garment: unlined and made of premium wool blends, they sit somewhere between shirts and outerwear, with slit pockets for your hands. We think they're ideal as a midlayer while going for a walk, or as a top layer for a crisp-but-sunny day like the ones we get in PNW winters. They're sized generously to fit over your outfit. Introducing Bergdorf, a black wool jacket with large grey checks, and Barneys, a brown, grey, and navy plaid.
[Shop: Joyeaux SocksBergdorf Walking Jacket | Barneys Walking Jacket]

Gift Cards

Of course there's always the tried-and-true PDL gift card, so your loved one can buy themselves whatever they want. 

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