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Our black and white shirts - especially prints, but also plaids - are always among our bestsellers. This classic pairing is striking, high-contrast, goes with every colour, and can easily be dressed up. It's safe - everyone can wear black and white and it's hard to mismatch with - but it's also dramatic. Check out all our currently available black and white button-down shirts here.

Our newest collection is the Fall/Winter 2018 Artist Series: Carr, Degas, Klimt, and Kano. These four black and white shirts all make an impression.


Carr - Flannel Button Down ShirtCarr is a cozy black and white Buffalo-check style flannel
. We named it after Emily Carr, the renowned Pacific Northwest painter and member of the Group of 7 who made her name painting nature scenes and the First Nations who have long lived in the Vancouver, BC area. This shirt is perfect for wandering in the woods with your watercolours (you might ruin the flannel with oil paints, just saying). Or enjoy a cup of coffee while you gaze out at the temperate rainforests of the PNW... or any other location. We love this shirt paired with bright reds!


Klimt - Checked Flannel Button Up ShirtKlimt is a flannel with a large check pattern. We love a flannel that's not plaid! It's so unusual and unexpected for a shirt with a pattern like this - which you often see in suiting - to be made of soft, cozy cotton flannel. We named this shirt after Gustav Klimt, whose work uses a lot of square/rectangular shapes to create the impression of luxurious flat texture. The square pattern is subtle and from a distance comes off as a soft grey, but it's white on black. If you have someone in your life who hates plaid (these people exist - we swear), Klimt may be a perfect shirt for them. Because the pattern isn't too busy, you can certainly layer this with a smaller, tighter pattern, maybe also in black and white. Or just throw it on over a white tshirt with jeans.

Degas - Linen Like Long Sleeve Striped Button UpDegas is a linen-like long sleeve made of woven yarn-dyed cotton. The light fabric makes it completely unlike our typical cotton shirts; it feels natural, textured, elegant. We named it after Edgar Degas, the French painter known for painting ballet dancers. This shirt is absolutely suited for wearing with a suit jacket, with suspenders, a tie, or tucked into high-waisted trousers for a night out at the ballet, the opera, or for a nice dinner. The striping is woven directly into the fabric and the black and white colours lend themselves well to pairing with colour. We recommend sky blue or maroon.

Kano - Floral Short Sleeve Button DownKano is my personal favourite of the whole collection. I've buried it at the end so I can buy all of them. (Just kidding.) The only short-sleeve in this group of shirts, Kano is made of a light cotton poplin with a beautiful blossom print in white. Depending on your style, this shirt can look like a tomboy dressed up to impress, or a femme taking inspiration from menswear. We named this shirt after the Kano school, a family and school of painting in Japan that produced many of the foremost works of Japanese historical art from the 15th to 19th century, including many works of blossoms have been renowned for centuries. The delicate patterning of this print is gorgeous and timeless, and because it's black and white, you can pair it with any colour, but we love it with blossom-like pastels.

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