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Our third release of the fall/winter 2018 season is called Hack the Planet: inspired by the cyberpunk movement of the late eighties and early nineties, these are four long-sleeved cotton shirts in medium- to light-weight fabrics in unusual prints or weaves.

Babbage - printed button down women's shirtBabbage is a striking white Oxford point cotton with red polka dots. This is a showstopper shirt. It barely needs to be accessorized - it's fantastic with black or navy, just a simple jacket, blazer, or sweater. Use it for a pop of colour under a pullover or beneath a solid dark vest.



Special Agent women's button up in blue and whiteSpecial Agent is a classic. A midweight cotton poplin fabric in white with blue stripes, this is exactly the type of shirt you'd wear under a grey suit if you were working for the FBI. It's also perfect for work, for wearing under a brightly coloured sweater, for wearing to a more formal occasion, or for wearing open over a t-shirt with jeans.

Phantom grey and black long sleeve button upPhantom is a lightweight cotton long-sleeve with a dark grey and black gingham pattern. It reminds us of early 90s grunge. With a pair of boots, your favourite old black denim, and a black t-shirt, you'll be starting a garage band in no time.

Zero Cool unique button up shirt in yellow and blackZero Cool is the crowning jewel of this collection: woven yarn-dyed cotton in black, grey, and bright yellow, it brings to mind computer chips and information racing over circuitry. This shirt looks so incredible on - come by the store to see it if you're local!

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