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PDL ARTIST SERIES: Emily Shoichet Tee

$45.00 $45.00

This 100% cotton unisex tee features custom art designed by professional tattoo artist Emily Shoichet from Victoria, BC. 20% of the profits from each sale are donated to Emily's charity of choice, the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre.

  • 100% cotton
  • Unisex fit

Jen is wearing an XS, and normally wears a 4 in PDL Alpha shirts.

About the Artist

Q: How would you describe the art you make?
A: My art tends towards the illustrative. As a tattooer, I’m always tweaking to the needs of my clients and that definitely feeds back into my own art. I’m constantly experimenting and keeping my art quite flexible. 

Q: How do you identify? How do you think your identity is reflected in your work?
A: I identify as a white, cis-hetero female (she/her). It’s hard to say how my identity is reflected in my work, but over the past few years I’ve been doing a lot of work to actually dismantle what I see as problems stemming from my identity. Tattooing has a history based on a lot of cultural appropriation and objectification. The more I learn about my privilege, the more I try to use that knowledge in my work. There’s a lot of subject matter that I will not tattoo anymore because I do not think it is my place to pick and choose imagery from histories that are not my own (or my clients’). It can be hard to see where the boundaries fall, but I’m constantly learning and discussing it with myself and my colleagues. 

Q: Do you have a coming out story to share?
A: I feel as though I’m constantly learning who I am and how I’m unique. Not fitting into the “desired mold” of a straight cis-woman (I’m fat, prefer gender neutral clothing, have short hair, and am heavily tattooed) I’m ever confronting and dismantling the internalized expectations of the patriarchy that I carry. I feel like my self-discovery isn’t a linear series of events, but an ever evolving/devolving process. 

Q: Since we’re all about fashion… what’s your power outfit that makes you feel like the best version of yourself?
A: My concept of a “power outfit” is ever changing. Having recently given birth to a baby, my current power outfit is anything stain-free and that gives me bodily autonomy (as in, I don’t need to have my breasts accessible to my child for feeding). But parent-status aside, I tend to favor more masc/butch clothing. I once had a coat that made me feel like The Rocketeer and that was AMAZING. Buuuuut I also like a cleavage-forward dress.... just depends on the day, I guess. 

Q: What’s an unexpected fact about you?
A: I can usually name that movie title you can’t remember by the vaguest of descriptions. Years working in a video store honed my natural gifts. 

Q: Which charity have you chosen to support with your design and why?
A: I have chosen the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre because they provide amazing services to people of all genders affected by violence. I greatly respect the work that they do.

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