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The tradition started for us last year and before Christmas we were able to provide 44 shirts to the Downtown East Side Women's Centre.

How it works:

It's easy!  If you were going to buy a button down as a gift... well you just gave two gifts! From Nov.29th until Dec.20th any button down purchased on our site we will donate a button down to someone in need. 

What is The Downtown East Side Women's Centre?:

Founded in 1978, DEWC is one of the few safe spaces within the Downtown Eastside exclusively for women and their children. High levels of violence, homelessness, addictions and poverty characterize the Downtown Eastside community. Women and children are particularly vulnerable to exploitation, injustice and injury. 

We provide practical support to over 500 women, children and seniors, every day. As well as providing a refuge and shelter from conditions of poverty and violence, the Centre provides basic necessities including:

  • hot meals

  • free clothing

  • secure mailing addresses

  • phone and computer access

  • functioning and secure toilet and showers

We also help reduce the effect of economic disadvantage by providing:

  • toiletries

  • feminine hygiene products

  • computer access

  • harm reduction supplies

  • first aid

The Centre assists women with their immediate and crisis needs so they can develop stability and access the resources they need to improve health, family, employment and housing situations. We promote positive change by offering individual long-term support, education, advocacy, peer mentorship and exposure to alternatives.

Our community also works towards increasing awareness of systemic injustice and inequalities that contribute to women’s vulnerability. One of our goals is to bring awareness of poverty and violence issues to the general public and to the government.