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Pioneering Change

A Decade of Redefining Fashion and Fostering Inclusivity

Our journey began over a decade ago when gender-neutral options were nonexistent; driven by a personal commitment to challenge conventions; we pioneered a fit system that centred on body shape and size rather than conforming to traditional gender norms.

Today, we are more than just a fashion brand – we are a vibrant and inclusive community that embraces self-expression and authenticity.

We take pride in forever transforming waste into wear by utilizing UP-CYCLED fabrics. We're not just reshaping fashion – we're revolutionizing it.

WE ARE GLAD YOU ARE HERE - you deserve TO BE SEEN, the freedom to wear clothes that effortlessly represent your authentic self.


Born for those who grew up feeling different – the kids who yearned to fit in yet dared to stand out, the dreamers, rule-breakers, and everything in between.

If you've grown tired of scouring the women's section for the least girly items or pretending to shop for a 'brother' in the men's section just to find the style without the fit, the struggle ends here!

Welcome to the Proudly Different League (PDL), where, contrary to what you've been taught, fashion knows no gender. Where waste will become wear, pockets will be functional, and clothing will be fit with purpose! In our world, we acknowledge our hips but not accentuate them.

We are the trailblazers and founding members; we dismantled the binary long before it became trendy.

Our purpose is clear: to fix the fractured system in fashion. Because, let's face it, fashion should not dictate who you are; it should be the tool that makes it easier for you to be your authentic self.

In the Proudly Different League, the only rule is to be yourself.


We are a small queer and feminist founded business and are fueled by the support of our community.


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