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When we started Peau de Loup we made it our mission to leave as little footprint as possible. So we put our thinking caps on and found a way to reduce waste while making a high quality garment, fit for you and affordable for everyone!

Using our overseas manufacturing resources we’ve realized that fabric mills were usually required to over produce fabrics by 10%, and many times this fabric goes unused. Setting up the lines for garment manufacturing it costs the factories the same amount of money to produce 50 shirts or 5000 shirts.

We decided to up-cycle and source only the best available fabrics!  We make sure all of the fabric widths are the same and then using our perfect button-down body block we cut all the fabric at once!  Because of using upcycled fabrics we have limited quantities of certain fabrics so get em' while they are hot!  Please also note that the shrinkage on each fabric will vary and can shrink up to 5% which would be about 1.5"

Upcycled - We Use Scraps