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inarguably, a piece of fabric or a garment carries no inherent gender. however, the fashion industry, with its structured seasons, shows, and trends, has long operated on the assumption of a binary gender system.

so what if you fit in-between?

Growing up as a “tomboy”, I was hyper-aware that the retail industry wasn't made for me. Fashion, for many in my community, serves as a tool to express our inner selves. We'd scour the women's section for less girly items or hunt down men's clothes with the right look but not the fit. With a background in product design and manufacturing, we saw firsthand the industry's lack of options for individuals like us.

Driven by this realization, we launched Peau de Loup with a mission to rewrite the narrative of traditional menswear. Inspired by our experiences and fueled by a desire for inclusivity, we sought to create a brand that catered to those living outside the binary. Drawing on our expertise and vision, we curate products that blended elements of tailoring, workwear, military, and street style.

But it wasn't just about creating stylish garments – it was about revolutionizing the fit and sizing system. Traditional clothing, bound by a binary fit model, presented limited and ill-fitting choices for individuals like us. To address this void, we embarked on a journey of collecting fabric remnants from large factories and mills, paving the way for a unique fit system that embraced a diverse range of non-binary and female bodies.

What is masc clothing?


it‘s clothing built for bodies not gender

If you don't fit within the binary, you don't need 'permission' to shop from the men's section. What you need is clothing designed for your body, creating square shapes and helping you feel more like yourself. At Peau de Loup, we understand the importance of individuality.

Traditionally, men's clothing often offers a more neutral and androgynous aesthetic, with simpler designs that prioritize functionality over frills.

Men's garments typically feature straighter lines and boxier shapes, aiming to create a more angular and broad-shouldered silhouette. Fabrics are often sturdier and more utilitarian, with a focus on durability. This preference for utilitarianism reinforces gender stereotypes and limits the expressive potential of clothing for all individuals.

By embracing a more diverse and inclusive approach to fashion, we challenge the notion that masculinity should be defined by rigid standards and encourage the celebration of individuality and self-expression regardless of gender.

At Peau de Loup, we boldly challenge these norms, advocating for a fashion landscape that celebrates diversity and empowers self-expression, regardless of gender.

We prioritize quality craftsmanship without the hefty price tag. Our vertical manufacturing process ensures a hands-on approach from start to finish, eliminating unnecessary markups. This allows us to deliver outstanding quality at a smarter price.

Our commitment to quality aligns with our dedication to accessibility. Each month, we launch small-run capsule collections at full price for those who seek first choice. Additionally, once a month, we offer a sale to ensure everyone has the opportunity to access our clothing.

We firmly believe that everyone deserves the freedom to wear clothes that effortlessly showcase their authentic selves without breaking the bank. Peau de Loup, where PDL signifies more than an acronym—it's the Proudly Different League.

Embrace authenticity, defy norms, and join a movement that believes clothing is a canvas for self-expression, not a boundary. be proudly different, be Peau de Loup.

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