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Size Chart - Tees + Polos

previously measured as garments laying flat.

If you don't necessarily fit within the binary, you don't need 'permission' to shop from the men's section. You need clothing that is actually fit for your body, that creates square shapes and helps you feel more like yourself. 

We've spent the last ten years perfecting our fits!

Our products are made using our patented body block built for bodies not gender!  Designed to create a slight a-frame shape to fit snugger on the shoulders and looser around the hips.

We only use upcycled fabrics from left over menswear to minimize cling around the chest and hips.  *Each fabric will  have some variations in the way different fabrics will hang on your body,  and some shirts will fit more snugly than others. 

Everything is designed to fit together - for example if you are a size 8 in our button up you should be a size 8 in everything else we carry!  If you are not sure just email us at we would be happy to help

In between sizes? Go for the smaller one - there’s a pleat in the back of  every PDL shirt that you can remove with a seam ripper - this will give an  extra 1½ inches in the chest to prevent button-gape. 

Easy Reference: Compared to brands like the Gap/Jcrew

 XS  S  M  L  XL  2XL
 PDL  0-2  4-6  8-10  12-14  16-18  20-22



PDL SIZE  Chest  Waist  Hips
 0 - 2  36 in  36 in  36 in
 4 - 6  38 in  38 in  38 in
 6 - 8  40 in  40 in  40 in
 10 - 12  42 in  42 in  42 in
 12 - 14  44 in  44 in  44 in
 16 - 18  50 in  50 in  50 in
 20 - 22  54 in  54 in  54 in


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