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The Team

Founded by Vancouverites Adelle Renaud and Erin McLeod, Peau De Loup is setting out to redefine feminine etiquette in womenswear by creating functional, well made, timeless apparel.  

Growing up as tomboys the two were always very aware that the retail clothing experience wasn’t built for them. While reflecting on her career as a menswear designer, Adelle realized that being drawn to menswear was a reflection of her own style identity: an identity that wasn’t well represented in retail today.

This realization ignited the idea, and the research began. They found blog after blog with tons of women begging for all the same things that they wanted in clothing. In order to find clothes to match their tomboy style, many women find themselves hunting for the least girly items in the women’s section or buying men’s pieces with the look, but not quite the fit that they were after. 

Peau De Loup went on to asked their customers, what was the one article of clothing that they think menswear does better? The answer was the perfect button shirt. Using their closed loop sourcing process, they find only the best available shirting fabrics, taking classic purposeful details that have been used for centuries and give them new life on the Alpha fit button-down shirts.

Tomboy is more than a fringe trend. It’s a movement and it's gaining momentum with groundbreakers like Casey Legler and Saskia de Brauw modeling men’s clothing. Clearly the world is changing.

To the Peau De Loup team, It’s always been so much more than creating a cool shirt. It’s about creating clothing that makes you feel the same on the outside, as you do on the inside.