The Inside Pocket

On each of our Alpha shirts, you'll find a secret inner pocket on the left breast. This feature is unique to Peau de Loup shirts, and we get lots of questions about it. Here's the story...

When Peau de Loup was just a twinkle in founder and designer Adelle Renaud's eye, she was out dancing with her sister in Vancouver. Though her sister was wearing a flannel shirt with a breast pocket - the typical outside pocket that you'll find on most menswear-style shirts - when it came time to buy a drink, she reached inside her shirt and pulled a twenty-dollar bill out of her bra.

Adelle was puzzled and asked her sister why she wasn't keeping her money in the breast pocket of her shirt. "Because I don't want it to fall out," her sister replied, and a lightbulb went off for Adelle.

She thought it through: most people don't use the breast pocket, she reasoned, because it's either too bulky or they're afraid their items will fall out. So why not put it inside?

The Peau de Loup pocket is big enough for your cash, cards, and even your phone, but it's on the inside of the shirt where your items will be safely held against your body. You can see the outline of the pocket on the outside of the shirt, where the stitching shows against the fabric pattern; embroidered over the corner you'll find our trademark wolf in sheep's clothing emblem.

A secret pocket to intrigue and surprise is just one of the many things that make Peau de Loup shirts special.

Peau de Loup - Kauth shirt with inside pocket showing

SS2019 shirt Kauth with the inside pocket showing.

Size & Fit

Please see our size charts below. Looking for something you haven't found here? Email us at and we'll do our best to help or even add to this page if necessary.




Button-Up Sizing Guide

Fit is incredibly personal - some like their shirts to fit snugly around their body while others prefer to wear them looser. We've provided a number of fit charts below to help you find your fit. Note that there are some variations in the way different fabrics will hang on your body, and some shirts will fit more snugly than others. We recommend always sizing up in flannel.

NEW - we've added a bust-waist-hip circumference measurement chart below. If you're at the top 1 - 1.5 inches of the bust range, you will likely have to release the box pleat.

Bust, Waist, Hip Measurement Size Chart

Below are the flatlay measurement charts for our Alpha shirts. We have shown our measurements taken from lying the garment flat and measuring in inches. We recommend grabbing a shirt you own in similar fabric and comparing!

Flatlay size chart


In between sizes? Go for the smaller one - there’s a pleat in the back of every PDL shirt that you can remove with a seam ripper - this will give an extra 1½ inches to prevent button-gape.

Note about sizes 18 and 20: We have released our NEW 18 and 20. When purchasing these sizes, please check the item description for whether they are "new" or "old" sizes.

If you were a size 20 in the old sizes, you are likely a size 18 in the new sizes. If you found the old 20 too small, give the new 20 a try!


All PDL Alpha fit shirts have the following features: 




Customizing Your Shirt with the Box Pleat

The box pleat at the back of every PDL shirt allows for a bit of flexibility in sizing.

Removing the Pleat for More Space in the Bust

If your shirt fits in the shoulders and arms but is a little snug through the bust, you can remove the pleat to gain an extra inch and a half in that area. Kindly note that shirts with the pleat removed are no longer eligible for exchange or refund.

To remove the pleat, you will need a seam ripper. This little tool comes with most sewing machines and sewing kits. Watch the video below to see how it's done:

Extending the Pleat to Take Your Shirt In at the Hips

If the shirt is too roomy around the hips, you can also extend the pleat to take the shirt in by 1 - 1.5inches from the waist down. This is a pretty simple sewing job if you have the skills. You'll need a sewing machine and an iron. Kindly note that all modified shirts are ineligible for return/exchange.

Watch the video below to see how it's done:


Founder's Suit Sizing Guide 




This size chart applies to our newest chinos!  We took all of your feedback from the making of our founders trouser and made all the right changes!  Let us know what you think!

Spread Collar Holiday/Camp Shirt Sizing

This size chart applies to our "camp collar" shirts. Kindly note that these shirts have no pleat! There's a bit of extra space in the bust and hips compared to our regular Alpha fit shirts. These were designed to be worn open, but you can button 'em up too.




Alpha Jacket Sizing

Here's a rough translation chart between our button-up shirt sizes and our wondrous, pocketed, Alpha Jackets. Please note that a match on these charts will mean that the button-up and the jacket will be the same size; go up a size if you'd like a looser fit!





Underwear Sizing