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The Inside Pocket

On each of our Alpha shirts, you'll find a secret inner pocket on the left breast. This feature is unique to Peau de Loup shirts, and we get lots of questions about it. Here's the story...

When Peau de Loup was just a twinkle in founder and designer Adelle Renaud's eye, she was out dancing with her sister in Vancouver. Though her sister was wearing a flannel shirt with a breast pocket - the typical outside pocket that you'll find on most menswear-style shirts - when it came time to buy a drink, she reached inside her shirt and pulled a twenty-dollar bill out of her bra.

Adelle was puzzled and asked her sister why she wasn't keeping her money in the breast pocket of her shirt. "Because I don't want it to fall out," her sister replied, and a lightbulb went off for Adelle.

She thought it through: most people don't use the breast pocket, she reasoned, because it's either too bulky or they're afraid their items will fall out. So why not put it inside?

The Peau de Loup pocket is big enough for your cash, cards, and even your phone, but it's on the inside of the shirt where your items will be safely held against your body. You can see the outline of the pocket on the outside of the shirt, where the stitching shows against the fabric pattern; embroidered over the corner you'll find our trademark wolf in sheep's clothing emblem.

A secret pocket to intrigue and surprise is just one of the many things that make Peau de Loup shirts special.

Peau de Loup - Kauth shirt with inside pocket showing

SS2019 shirt Kauth with the inside pocket showing.

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